Inspiring Content

Inspiring Content

Our team are constantly developing new content.
It’s what we do.

You too are encouraged to create your own content, as this is simple to do.

Our content creators are here to help you do exactly this and we want you to upload your own lessons for the use of others in the IIC community, collectively creating a wealth of content to share with other teachers and their pupils.

We have a team of dedicated teachers from our partners the Enquire Learning Trust, who are a key part of the IIC community and work with us all to ensure that the content we create is tailored to the national curriculum. Children are at the forefront of all that we do. We engage them, hear their voice in authentic ways and then use their insight and expertise to develop radical pedagogies, that tap into their passions and interests and use the potential of emergent technologies.

Immerse your pupils in fully immersive environments with our library of 360° content provided with the room

To add to our library of content, you can provide your own by using the IIC’s streaming capabilities.

We can create custom content to fit your school’s needs which can be tailored to the national curriculum.

User friendly technology with IMI our helpful BOT.
Simplicity itself.

We provide custom-built media servers that control all of the content of your immersive classroom. Controlling the powerful content is via IMI (Interactive Media Interface) which is a custom-built app which has been developed to work seamlessly with our immersive space.

As well as being a custom-built app on your iPad, IMI is also
a playful interactive teaching assistant who will help you teach your lessons and engage your pupils in the exciting world of the immersive classroom.